Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Scientific Testimony the Andropenis Mini Extender Works

Any product free within the market stirs up remarks – each smart and unhealthy - and queries rise against the validity of the research project behind. It had been a similar for The Andropenis mini, solely that suspicions were cleared quicker and higher. Andropenis Mini’s effective, safe and straightforward usage for micro-penis size increase has run that of pills’ and potions’. It’s no false magic stuff however a gradual progression towards an even bigger size that betters with time.
Andropenis mini comes with a scientific claim backing it up. The studies enclosed a large type of age teams and ethnic backgrounds with special stress on body-types. One in all these researches was conducted by the ecru Society for Sexual drugs on men between sixteen and fifty four years. The regular usage of Andropenis mini on the micro-penises brought a median increase of 3 centimeters over a annual span.
Visit this page for an entire review of the merchandise. Andropenis mini works on a similar traction principle that stimulates biological process, which may be bettered with applicable supplements. Still, the method could be a gradual one.
This is as a result of the length and therefore the girth increase proportionately. However, 3 months ar enough to note a 10% increases overall, if worn for about ten hours every day. To serve that purpose, it's been designed to remain discreet to a lower place operating suits.
The Andropenis mini could be a certified device by the Health Authorities within the European Economic Community and bears the metal mark category one, that is that the live of a top quality and nil facet effects. it's surgical grade aluminum that forms the bottom of the device And it comes with an educational manual (in twenty seven languages), Soft gel Bands (4 nos.), Foam Comfort Pads (4 nos.), Flat siloxane Straps (4 nos.) and aluminum extension rods (40 millimeter, 20 mm, 5mm and 3mm; one set each), Alongside, you get a 24/7 on-line support from Andropenis’ own medical team.
Those thinking of surgery might enjoy the Andropenis mini. It takes to the air the enduring weeks and months of painful recovery once one thing that doesn’t continuously yield substantial results. Andropenis mini worked for people who weren't pleased with alternative extenders.
The Andropenis mini offers best results if worn for ten hours every day (the minimum being four hours). This makes results visible at intervals fifty days; beginning with the girth so a growth longs, each within the flaccid state and during a state of erection.
 Another purpose to notice is that the Andropenis mini prices method heap cheaper than a micro-penis enlargement surgery. Besides, insurances don't continuously cowl such cosmetic treatment procedures and therefore the prices vary relying upon the clinical facility and period of the recovery span; that’s quite little bit of cash. However, most of all, it restricts sexual issues fully, for a few time. A non-surgical erectile organ extender can ne'er interfere thereupon, unless you employ it wrong and visit some kind of self-damage.


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  2. The original ANDROPENIS (20 years) is the only FDA registered and patented penis extender device sold in the US

  3. 2019 Penile Traction Device: Who is the Inventor?

    Andromedical certifies that Dr. Eduardo Gomez de Diego is the inventor and the owner of the patents of the penile traction device, which is a medical device to change the morphology of the penis. Clinical studies confirm the efficacy of this device to treat the penile curvature of Peyronie's disease. Now the American Urology Association (AUA) and the Canadian Urology Association (CUA) have recommended to treat it with the penile traction device as a remodeling technique. More information is at

    In 1996, Dr. Eduardo Gomez de Diego, in his men's health clinic, found that a third of patients asked for a solution for the morphology of their penis. After investigating different methods applied in medicine, such as bone traction or skin development, he found a method based on traction to change the morphology of the penis and created the first penile traction device.

    Clinical studies continued in prestigious hospitals and an important application was discovered: the remodeling technique based on the penile traction therapy (PTT), using an adapted traction device named ANDROPEYRONIE, reduces the penile curvature by 60% in Peyronie's disease. It is a user-friendly device, comfortable and FDA approved (

    Dr. Gómez de Diego is aware of the need to apply a light traction of 1,500 gr. for several hours a day to get the best results. The device is fixed onto the penis easily and it can be worn while walking, sitting, etc. He distrusts other penile extenders, which do not use medical materials (because they can cause allergies), nor do they put ideal traction of 1,500 gr. (because more traction can damage the tissues of the penis) or do not recommend the 8 hours of proper use per day (because with few hours of use the results are very few).

    According to his words: "All urologists around the world are very satisfied with ANDROPEYRONIE. It is important not to forget that the penile traction device is a medical product and it is important for patients to be advised by their doctor." (

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